Digital Whining analyzes technology insights that have a direct and immediate impact on empowering the ecosystem of technology end users.

Digital Whining’s goal is for end users to develop better relationships with technology. Digital Whining doesn’t report on sensational news, but empowers users to think intelligently about their technology needs with the latest UI developments.

Digital Whining’s sounds offs and Op-Ed pieces have a tone of satire, directness, and boldness when discussing critical points for end users.

Digital Whining views social media for marketers, and social technology for end users. There can be a healthy medium in brands and customers having a symbiotic relationship. This requires more people to recognize the current digital state.

What is the current Digital State?
Oftentimes, any free web-based technology platform is built for ad impressions, clicks, and eyeball views. “Successful” technology blogs write for ad impressions ultimately tainting how end users look at their technology, no matter how inaccurate the point of views are. Marketing campaigns promote users buying technology products. But what happens to end users after the technology is purchased?

Digital Whining’s goal is to keep end users’ needs at the top by building better relationships with the technology they live and breathe in.