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Product Training perspective on Technology Evangelism


In this hangout on air, I ( +Sana Ahmed ) talk with my friend +Eli Fennell regarding Technology Evangelism. I bring my product training perspective on helping people get with it in technology.

In this section, I talk about how the Product development cycle is inverted.  If you:

  • listen to your customers
  • empower them with the technology you’re proposing
  • You will build better product and serve the ecosystem of serving the customers

Google Reader is an App Away! #GoogleHope

[Insight+UI Strategy] How I’ve been secretly using Google+ as my RSS Reader

On March 13, 2013, Google’s official blog announced that they are removing Google Reader by July 1, 2013.  But Google Reader power users, do not fret! While we all have a love affair with Google products, change in the (SaaS) software as a service world is inevitable!  Change is a good thing.  And if we keep our eyes open, you’ll notice that solutions are nearby.

How I’ve been secretly using Google+ as my RSS Reader

I’ve been using Google+ as my RSS reader for the past 6 weeks now. Continue reading

Digital Whining Hangout – Tech Blog Rebirth & Social Media Revolution in 2013

+J.C. Kendall, CEO of TekPersona and I had a great conversation about the social media and tech blog revolutions that are taking place in 2013.  This hangout was inspired after the void I experienced with trying to find reliable resources for technology news.  Being a part of the industry and observing big wigs misleading people, and recognizing the need for insightful people who know what they’re talking about, this hangout with J.C. Kendall manifested.

The pre-inspiration to this video came with a blog post I did for Jesse Wojdylo called “Why Tech blogs Need a Re-Birth.”

For the video segment highlights, here are points you can listen in on bookmarked by topic.

Awesome Digital Whining Video Intro

  1. Reason for Hangout
  2. +J.C Kendall introduces himself
  3. +Sana Ahmed introduces herself
  4. State of Technology Today :
    1. JC on technology beyond our egos
    2. Phone War blogs and what’s the right answer Continue reading
tech blogs need a revolution-Digital Whining

Tech Blogs Need a Revolution in 2013

In rapid fire discussions between my colleague +Jesse Wojdylo, +J.C. Kendall and myself, Jesse asked me to write about why tech blogs aren’t doing a good job informing end users.  30 minutes later between a bowl of chilli, and super bowl sunday about to air on TV, here’s what I came up with.  It’s a passionate post describing what I’ve observed as a professional and as an end user.  Continue reading