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[My Story] Inspiration behind the name

Get your digital whining on!

I came up with the term because I found myself and others whining about our technology.  So to empower our whines and complaints, I thought why not create a thinking platform on

I often use the term, “Get your digital whining on,” because I want digital users to step up to their technology and utilize it for productive purposes.  Whining is okay, and digitally whining (online) is okay too, but only when you take an action step to make something positive and productive happen for yourself through technology.

What’s in a name? So Digital Whining has both a humorous yet serious connotation to it.

More importantly, it’s about what your digital whines are telling you digital users!

[My Story] Why

What the heck inspired me to create  It has to do with my technology social media experience.

It began when I was a full-scholarship student at St. John’s University.  I was part of the first class who was handed laptops for academic initiatives.  Being a full-scholarship student, I knew I had to get down to business with my technology and use it in a serious way.  Everything I began to do with my technology was to make me learn, become organized, efficient and get me ‘tech-optimized’ for the business.  That’s how my current initiative for teaching people about social technology for business, learning, and personal productivity began. Continue reading