How to Use this Site

To identify posts, I have clearly labeled posts with brackets before the title of the posts.  This will help guide you as to what posts you may want to read.  I’m all about saving a reader’s time while giving them quality content!

[Insight]  = An insight on technology & what it can mean for you

[How To] = A step by step walk-through of how to do something specific with a specific piece of technology

[Op-Ed] = My opinions on a piece of technology or its application

[Case Study] = Exploring a case study and what it means for the digital users

[Market Research] = Reflecting on facts and figures and what they really mean for the digital user experience


Take back your technology and time by only reading content that truly empowers your digital experience!  I’ve made a bold effort to label the articles in front of the titles, unlike other online publishers who label the articles at the end of their titles.  The reason is because I want readers to only send traffic to articles they need. I value the reader’s time just as if it were my own!