Digital Whining Hangout – Tech Blog Rebirth & Social Media Revolution in 2013

+J.C. Kendall, CEO of TekPersona and I had a great conversation about the social media and tech blog revolutions that are taking place in 2013.  This hangout was inspired after the void I experienced with trying to find reliable resources for technology news.  Being a part of the industry and observing big wigs misleading people, and recognizing the need for insightful people who know what they’re talking about, this hangout with J.C. Kendall manifested.

The pre-inspiration to this video came with a blog post I did for Jesse Wojdylo called “Why Tech blogs Need a Re-Birth.”

For the video segment highlights, here are points you can listen in on bookmarked by topic.

Awesome Digital Whining Video Intro

  1. Reason for Hangout
  2. +J.C Kendall introduces himself
  3. +Sana Ahmed introduces herself
  4. State of Technology Today :
    1. JC on technology beyond our egos
    2. Phone War blogs and what’s the right answer
  5. Sana on tech blogs, facts, opinions, audience, agenda of tech writers
    1. Negative results of not getting your answer
    2. J.C. on how consumers are ill served as a result
    3. J.C. on Technology Journalism’s state (sending people astray for link baiting, traffic etc)
    4. Good sources like Inc, Fortune Magazine (Steve Faktor)
  6. Need and Void in Technology
    1. Getting down to the nitty gritty: why is tech news warped (business models etc)
    2. Why J.C wants people to know the right with tech
    3. Underutilized tools like Google Voice that tech reporters don’t focus on its functionalities (only negative views that businesses miss out on)
    4.  Challenges in knowing technology industry reality
    5. J.C’s recommended G+ers to follow on accurate news (Mark Traphagen, David Amerland
    6. Off Topic Aside-Canadians are so nice, they might be aliens!
    7. Sana talks with JC on tech blog business model and misleading content
    8. Sana to JC: Calling the bluff, getting to the facts
    9. How to not support inaccurate content
    10. Right to Participate (sharing experiences, detecting the truth in conversations)
    11. How to hone your voice even if you’re not the expert
    12. Content Celebrities: how to listen or not listen to them (hint: posts up to 500 words at a time is one indication)
    13. Following the right resources
  7. Tech Bloggers
    1. Misconceptions that tech bloggers deal with
    2. Primary Success Criteria
    3. What J.C. calls Link Hoaring
    4. Sana’s BS detector on finding good resources: better business models with blogs
    5. J.C’s advice to any bloggers
    6. What the good bloggers do
    7. Blogging’s gold mine treatment
    8. Internet Rock Star Presumption
    9. Facebook’s money vs. the end user’s “income”
  8. Google+ and Facebook – how to think about it
    1. Facebook Likes are worth?
    2. How many Google+ circles are you in?
    3. J.C on “Commercial Intent
    4. The Void – Misinformation to the end user on what’s happening with Google+ and Facebook right now
  9. The Social Media and Tech Blog Revolution taking place
    1. What’s Tech Bloggers aren’t talking about that is severely affecting you
    2. On a marketing level: FB vs. Google+
    3. For the end user: Google+ or Facebook
    4. Facebook Social Graph Search (you, your info, third parties)
    5. The power with Google+ and the end user
    6. Facebook forced opt-ins for marketers
    7. What career driven young folks should know about Facebook
    8. J.C.’s serious joke to career driven folks
  10. Remember what Social Media is!  “Brainshare” as J.C. Kendall calls it!