Guest Post Summary – Nima.Co – 5 Tips to Use Google+ for Biz

In this article, I give an overview on Google+ and some strategies for end users to utilize right away.

Here are some key points:

Google+ Integrations

Google plus is integrated with many other useful Google products!

  • Google Hangouts is a great meeting tool with web cam, voice, screenshare which allows users to go on air or not.
  • Google Docs is also integrated into Google+ with its Google Drive app integration.  This allows for sharing docs in live time.
  • You can record and publish your hangouts which goes to your Youtube channel.
  • Countless API integrations for other programs are available on Google hangouts such as Slideshare and the Lower Third App to jazz up your hangouts for aesthetic and functionality purposes.
  • SEO is the biggest integration with Google plus:  As users +1 comments, articles, pictures, pages and any other media you can +1 on Google+, these +1s help rank those media in Google’s search engine.
  • Google Photos neatly integrates Picasa Albums into your Google+ experience.  It keeps all your photos organized, allowing you to control what you share with whom (maintaining some of the Google+ Circles sharing effects here)……………….
  • Google Events allows planning, inviting, and joining others’ events whether it is online or offline.  It is integrated with Google Calendar.  What a winner here!  Who can say that this is not a business tool?