Innovation as a Survival Technique with My Tech Life

Social Sana-Thinking out of the box

I like to think outside of the box.

Being a millennial and living through a recession, I’ve used innovation as a survival technique.

My generation is struggling to have 3 meals a day, have affordable housing while drowning in debt that our previous generations gave us.  We’ve been taught knowledge and mindsets to have us working for others, suffer in a system that doesn’t benefit us and to never think for ourselves.

Build through a broken system

If we keep following the path that our previous generations have taught us, we’ll never find success for ourselves.  We will never build a system that works for our well being and success.

In my good conversations with +Dan Imbellino, he complimented me on thinking outside of the box, always being open to try new things, and being a genuine, open book.  In fact, this post was inspired from our conversations.  Dan is quite a genuine person himself.  You can check out his profile and notice how he is constantly practicing weberosity (generosity on the web).  Dan made the point of the millennial generation being taught to be something we are not.  He described how we are forced to take on identities not ours and conform to corporate standards.  This mechanism only helps those big brands make money but makes us lose ourselves and be disingenuous to ourselves.

I ask, “Maybe, just maybe, if we all were allowed to be ourseves, couldn’t we collectively be more happy and productive?”

Fast forward to 4-5 years after I graduate into the recession. I find myself in a totally brand new and innovative field: social media.  I saw the paradigm shift here: no longer did my generation have to remain captive i na top-bottom dog eat dog world.  My generation, along with the right technology tools and mindsets could circumnavigate the negatives of our sitations.  Sure, the economy is down.  But that doesn’t stop us from finding and building succes.

Learn to Look with Tech and the opportunities will come

In fact, if you learn how to look, you can find more opportunities than  not on how to make a living, be happy and even fulfilled beyond financial needs.

Social Sana saw that with social technologies.  I found ways of connecting and socializing with people, niches and opportunities in down to earth ways with like-minded people.

Innovation and thinking out of the box was a professional and creative survival technique that has served me well. I hope to show others, not just limited to my generation, in how to find, innovate and grow towards success.

According to Wikipedia that links out to a Euromonitor International article, about 50% of the world’s population was under 30 in 2012.  If we continue at the old paradigm pathways of competing and throwing each other under the bus, we fail. Look at our parents’ generation. If we learn to be positive, innovate and build solutions, we’ll go on a whole new level both individually and collectively.

I plan on taking such new paradigms that technology offers and applying it with intellectual and innovative people that I’ve met over the past several years.  It begins with multiplying the good in your network!


Special thanks to +Dan Imbellino and +Jason Silvestri for being thinking buddies around practicing these concepts with me!

  • aashai1

    This article is so on the mark, it’s scary. I often tell my family, friends and acquaintances to free themselves of being a slave to the check and cease with taking risks for others when you can take them for yourself. Unfortunately, people are indoctrinated and comfortable with their current conditions that they refuse to budge lest they will buck the system.

    • Sana Ahmed

      Aashai1, thanks for responding. You make good points. The previous generation was part of an old paradigm. We are part of a new one. If we don’t like something, we can build a better solution towards a better way of doing things. We don’t have to sit and suffer. The problem is when people don’t want to change their behaviors 😉