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Tech Blogs Need a Revolution in 2013

In rapid fire discussions between my colleague +Jesse Wojdylo, +J.C. Kendall and myself, Jesse asked me to write about why tech blogs aren’t doing a good job informing end users.  30 minutes later between a bowl of chilli, and super bowl sunday about to air on TV, here’s what I came up with.  It’s a passionate post describing what I’ve observed as a professional and as an end user.  I talk about how tech blogs warp information and mislead users from using technology for THEIR NEEDS.  Some of those interests are driven off of sensationalism and quick traffic for ad revenues.  I got some great remarks about it being a well written article and made supporters along the way who want to hear more.

Here are some excerpts from the article and google+ conversational thread: 

The way technology news is misguiding us:
The content celebrities aka successful bloggers who founded their websites in their PJs are getting ”millions of hits”, calling themselves a success, and spoon-feeding misleading content to its readers. Advertisers and marketers who have millions of dollars are able to push their agenda of what technology is and how you should be thinking about it.

The Negative After-Effects of Misleading Content
The negative after-effects of such misleading technology news content is visible to everyone.
1. Many folks, particularly business owners (big and small) have no idea on how to use technology effectively to market and run their businesses
2. End users from the everyday technology users to any individual with a piece of technology who wants to learn more–are being given warped views on technology. They may not be able to use technology to their needs and advantages as a result……

Listen to the intellects and the business folks who have the experience in technology to guide you in the right direction. These are the people who don’t need massive hits on their blogs for ad revenues to compromise what is being reported to you–because they have real business models and are stable enough to deliver you the truth!

Link to original article here.