[My Story] Why DigitalWhining.com

What the heck inspired me to create DigitalWhining.com?  It has to do with my technology social media experience.

It began when I was a full-scholarship student at St. John’s University.  I was part of the first class who was handed laptops for academic initiatives.  Being a full-scholarship student, I knew I had to get down to business with my technology and use it in a serious way.  Everything I began to do with my technology was to make me learn, become organized, efficient and get me ‘tech-optimized’ for the business.  That’s how my current initiative for teaching people about social technology for business, learning, and personal productivity began.

Fast forward a few years later when I graduated college in 3 years.  I still had my laptop and was ready to build a professional career.  Without even realizing it, I kept staying up with technology for business, learning, and personal productivity.

Social media began to boom not to long after I graduated college.  I saw its potential in connecting goal-oriented people to one another while individuals staying productive themselves.

…And then it began: My journey to use social technology for goal-oriented purposes begun.  I did R&D whenever I could, took on clients, and looked for jobs in the tech world.  While none of it was a piece of cake, I stayed persistent.  I knew I didn’t want to let go of the potential of social technology and what it could do for digital users.

I kept at my digital career where I trained business executives who took off in their social media careers, was mentioned in several books, wrote a book of my own, and landed a job at Mashable.  And then I was laid off a few months later from Mashable!  It was a bittersweet moment.  I realized I had the blood of an entrepreneur pulsing through my veins.  I just couldn’t move on without pursuing technology in the way I wanted!  It was time I took my angle on digital literacy, and my idealism that people should be using technology for productivity–and married those 2 concepts together!

I took one bold step to launch DigitalWhining.com because the fact of the matter is: not enough is being done to show people how to use technology on a meaningful, productive level.  The mass of digital users have a hold of the most powerful technology out there.  Are we just going to use technology for entertainment purposes?  No!  I say let’s figure out those action paths that will allow us to use technology in a meaningful way and on a higher level!

Our technology has become a marketing and advertising platform for marketers to reach out to us and communicate with us.  While I enjoy the humanized approach to these brands, I also dislike these business models affecting my digital user experience in a negative way. I just want to use my technology for my goals–so why all this clutter that gets in the way of technology use?  We invest so much money and time into technology but so much of these efforts end up supporting marketing initiatives. Yet we don’t have a total grasp of using all this technology for our specific needs.  All these pop ups, clutter, messages– all screaming to grab our attention.  But what technology is designed to help us?  What mindsets will help us use our technology to progress?

While I may get backlash for writing my comments openly, I really want to serve the digital users.  So many of us end up wearing the marketer and advertisers’ hats that we just sell, sell, sell and forget about what digital users need and don’t need.

I want my brand story, and my efforts on DigitalWhining.com to ultimately serve the digital users.  If I get shunned by the big movers and shakers for being honest and sincere to tactics that don’t help digital users, it’s a cost I take. Ultimately, I want every digital user to approach their technology for a higher, productive purpose especially in the areas of business, learning and personal productivity.

Come join me and get your digital whining on! It’s only when we listen to ourselves (while filtering out people telling us how to think) is when we’ll get somewhere practical with our technology!

  • http://www,gizmotastic.com Jeff Manes

    DigitalWhining looks great!

    Technology is a large of part of life today. Simplifying the learning curve on tech is going to improve the quality of life for so many people. Good luck with your venture and I’ll be looking forward to your post.



    • Sana Ahmed

      Thanks so much Jeff!

  • http://www.truevisiontech.com/ TrueVisionTech

    Great to read out your story towards creating the Digital Whining. Inspired me a lot.