Don’t Eff Around with Readers’ Time and call it Social Media News

Social media humor-Tech blogs **itting on people for social media news

Technology blogs that sacrifice relevant news quality for sake of hits.

If you’re going to talk technology, do it truthfully and stick to the topic!  It’s super annoying to watch some tech blogs have their list of topical spam content ready and firing away at its readers.  Someone asked me what my favorite tech blog was while we were having conversations about our favorite phones.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have an immediate answer.

After working in the tech blog industry, I’ve see firsthand how tech bloggers are trained to go after trending content and write about it on their tech blogs – even if it doesn’t have to do with tech!  This technique is a way to enlist topical spam against trending content in hopes of getting traffic back to their site in a quick and dirty manner.  That traffic then turns into ad revenues and ”blog success” for ”new verticals” of a blog.  Before you know it, that blog is reaching out to media buyers and selling ad content packages to these folks on their new successful vertical that gets high traffic.  Press releases are flying out on that blog’s new vertical of greatness and innovation.  The “Kiss the Screen” mentality of when you see my posts come into play with these tech blog egos.

Take 2 steps back.  Ask yourself what this is doing for readers in the long run?  Well in the short run, these tech blogs continuously weaken the business mode of traffic and ad revenues.  They continuously prove how shallow their services become.

In the bigger picture, readers are being spammed by the blogs they once loved.  These readers are coming in for social media news and strategy, and now they are reading about something totally unrelated to technology [but it was trending and sounded fun to report on].  Even better, editors teach this writers to put a social media spin on this topical spam because – for example, a non-tech related vine video was shot by an iPhone that was uploaded to Youtube.  So this is now social media news that will prepare technologists and tech enthusiasts for greatness.  Really? That’s how badly they need ad traffic revenue?

I’m just too passionate about technology and social media to let these tech bloggers who’ve found mainstream success crap over readers.  Yes, I do feel like the good Samaritan making a ”citizen’s arrest” when I see poor tactics on social media and tech news being manured on people!

So not everything you read is truly social media news.  Your once starred tech blog on your RSS reader that gave you reliable news may be indeed falling into a spam bucket of topical content whose link-baiting is your time my friends.

Ask yourself and fill in the blanks:

I never got ahead with my technology / marketing knowledge because the [FILL IN THE BLANK] blog started sh***ing topical spam my way.

As Judge Judy named her book, “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”  Your time is that tech blog’s money.  Make them earn it.  Your informed actions shape a better internet culture!