Sana Ahmed

I want people to step up to their technology and use it on a more productive level. That’s how we’ll get anywhere as humanity with technology.

I took one bold step to launch because the fact of the matter is: not every technology user knows how to use technology on a meaningful, productive level. is an op-ed site focused on digital user advocacy.  The goal of this commentary site is to focus on the needs of the digital users. explores the most efficient user action path on the most widely used digital technology tools. Digital Whining examines how efficient the user interface is from the digital user’s perspective by reflecting on case studies, market research and other point of views.

Digital Users = I define digital users as everyday users who are interdependent on technology.

Digital User Advocate = My efforts in showing people who are interdependent on common technology to use it on 3 main verticals: business, learning and personal productivity.

Digital Whining = I define it as tech users whining about their shortcomings with technology, but taking initiative to make technology useful in their lives. inspiration:

I founded with one mindset: Digital User Advocate.

Frustrated by my current technology experiences, I aim to improve digital user experiences primarily from the perspective of a productive technology user.

On, I tackle the tough questions of whether the digital tools we use are helping us be more productive or getting in the way of our work? I am technology enthusiast of another vein as I ask myself: What is the technology?  How will it help me get ahead? My goal is to share these mindsets with other digital users who want to take back their technology.

A handful of online campaigns promote the agenda of users buying technology products.  But what happens to digital users after the technology is bought?  Who helps digital users get ahead with their technology?  This is where I feel I can use my voice effectively with  I want digital users to take back their technology and use it for their needs!  Enough with technology and media dictating the digital user experience!  It should always be the other way around.


The current state of the digital user experience:

Oftentimes, any web-based technology platform is built for ad impressions, clicks, and eyeball views.  The advertisers become the primary customers and the users become secondary.  As a result, our user experiences aren’t optimized for the users but rather the advertisers.  Tragically, digital users suffer from a distractive digital environment that buries us within our technology.  Instead, as end users, we should take back our technology and succeed for ourselves.

I’m here to demystify the dysfunctional digital user experience with critical thinking, case studies and feedback, which will raise our social technology consciousness to the next level.


What doesn’t want to be:

  • Mindless op-eds that waste people’s time.  Digital whines are based on critical thinking and user experiences.  The goal is to let people think for themselves and not tell them how to think.
  • Reporting useless news.  My biggest pet peeve is reading a piece of information on the web that has nothing to do with helping me get ahead with my technology.  Digital users don’t need to serve ad impressions while wasting time on useless content on the web—we need to be serving our goals with technology and through technology.

More from Founder of, Sana Ahmed:

I suffer from a healthy idealism.  My love for digital literacy pushes me to show people how to explore technology for productive purposes, specifically in business, learning and personal productivity!

I am a technology enthusiast of another vein as I ask myself: What is the technology?  How will it help me get ahead? My goal is to share these mindsets with other digital users who want to take back their technology.

I have had a serious mindset about technology ever since I was handed an IBM Thinkpad as a college freshman in 2003. I was a full-scholarship student and knew I had to get down to business with my technology to succeed. I view technology from a practical and productive point of view and intend to share that mindset with other serious tech users.

I came to a crossroads in my career.  I had to choose what kind of digital technology career I wanted:

-Would I become an online publisher who pushes content out for the sake of content and traffic while compromising integrity and quality?

-Or, would I become a technology enthusiast who empowers digital users by educating them on how to use technology for specific, practical purposes?  I chose the latter because I love being a digital user and love empowering other digital users with the right technology mindsets.

My point of view is that too much of our technology experience is overwhelmed by online media demanding our time and attention.  Users encounter online publishers who spew out content for the sake of content, monetizing traffic, and wasting readers’ time.  Most of the digital user experience doesn’t benefit users with their tech needs.  Not enough is being done to help users—I decided to be a supporter to the end users. and are two ways I follow my technology philosophy of empowering and informing users to take back their technology.