In a Nutshell: Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft

In reaction to my colleague’s share of this article on Business Insider, I’m going to be a slight snob about the analysis on this article.  It was done a bit poorly (and having worked at the ”big” social media blog and seeing fluff firsthand, I can confidently spot it).

Apple defines itself for being a digital device distributor whereas many networked technologies run off of Microsoft. Speak to any developer or engineer and they will tell you how Apple’s products are hardly networkable the way many PC based products are.  (It’s true and as I work more in an IT role during my day job, I see it).

Here’s the other story, Google is more of a software as a service company that has managed to sell its products on all types of OEM mobile and desktop devices.  It’s done a good job adapting it’s SaaS products via internet capabilities.

Final word:

Apple will sell cute, sexy products (and I own a Macbook pro which is a stable piece of laptop I might say), but I see its limitations beyond its practicalities.  Google will continue to succeed in its SaaS products whether people get it or not.  Microsoft will be around for its technology network capabilities.  But, oh please, get rid of windows 8 will you Microsoft?  The users want to love you-just help them out with the UI.