TechnoAlert #1: Digital Whining Perspectives on $16 Billion Facebook Buy of WhatsApp

My colleague +Eli Fennell and I ( +SanaAhmed ), talk about Facebook’s $16 Billion acquisition of WhatsApp on a Google Hangout TechnoAlert session!  We discuss things main stream tech blogs don’t dare to cover:

-Facebook buys WhatsApp for user acquisition for ‘reef approach’

-As +Mark Hopkins, Editor of Silicon Angle, explained to me that Facebook has single point offailure. If people stop using Facebook, it’s gone.  Google has several points of entry. If say Google+ didn’t succeed, at least they have Google Apps to retain revenue.

– +Eli Fennell talks about the technicalities of mergers, and how the financial merger for $16 Billion is a make or break for Facebook. Facebook makes $5 Billion in revenue (not profit), so it will be interesting to see where it takes Facebook.

– We both ponder on privacy concerns around the 2 apps.

– I explore the various ways Facebook could possibly monetize via WhatsApp on mobile. Perhaps Eli and I gave Facebook a few ideas to think about!

The question remains if Facebook can pull this off without going out of business, not ruin the user experience, and new creative ways to monetize on WhatsApp without actually annoying the users.

Who knows, maybe they have a contender to Google Adsense for all we know!