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[Insight] Humanizing Technology with Emotional Drive via Tiffany Shlain

One of my favorite people on the web, Tiffany Shlain, truly hits it home on why we all love social media.  It’s an intellectual conversation that helped me understand the science behind social media and it’s intersection with humanity!  This quality video does something not tech blog can do!  Tiffany hits it home with social media as an emotional drive and what it can mean for us!

Tiffany talks about our focus and how it is lacking!  My efforts with DigitalWhining.com is to get people to focus on using technology more effectively.  I was able to have a skype conversation with Tiffany about this on her NYC movie screening of “Connected.”  Tiffany takes this conversation on a deep level with clarity.


Watch live streaming video from tedxwomen at livestream.com

[Sound Off] Questioning how Social Media Delivers us Knowledge

The great thing about social media is word of mouth marketing through your network.  If you like something, chances are that you will share with your network.

However, did you question how that content got to you in the first place?  When I look at content, I ask myself, “Is this content genuine and accurate?  Or is it SEO and linkbait popularity that delivered me this content?  Linkbait is a term that gets thrown around in the online publishing industry about questionable practices to supercharge content so that search engines deliver the content to digital users.  From a marketing perspective, SEO (search engine optimization) is great because it allows marketers and advertisers to really get content in front of readers.  From a reader’s perspective, I suffer from a little healthy paranoia that makes me questions whether a controversial title has quality content behind it.  Or is that title designed to let me click on the article, therefore giving it a hit and making it successful?  In the latter case, I get really annoyed when the article has no quality behind it.  It means the online publisher just took advantage of my time and my click to make that article a success even if it’s not all that great in quality.

The trick to all of this is training your eye and becoming an educated media user.  Knowing how to evaluate content online will make you think twice about whether you want to put your personal brand behind it and share it online.

The only way we can take back our digital user experience through social media is to demand and consume quality content.

But is the way knowledge being shared through social media effective for the user, or just the marketer and publisher at the end of the day?  Are we just giving vanity stats¹ to marketers and publishers?  Or is this content really benefiting us 100% at the end of the day.


1. Vanity stats is a term I picked up from the book “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries

[Sound Off] Who’s shoving content down your throat?

After being in the social media world for several years now, I can’t but feel overwhelmed by content.  Whether it’s an ad, an enticing article link, or a web page screaming with content for you to click all around upon, content is being shoved down the throat of every user.

Here’s a little tidbit I learned from being in the industry and as a digital user: many web pages are designed as ‘click funnels.’  They are designed for you to come to their site, get trapped like a fly onto their web, only to click, click, click until the site gets more and more hits.

Now it’s up to us to take back our digital user experience.  What sites or online media tactics make you feel super overwhelmed with content?  Realistically speaking, how many of us will read everything on our RSS feeds, or newsletters?  How do you stop from getting useless content shoved into your face (or your computer screens in this case)?


[Op-Ed] A Healthy Food Secret with Digital Content

Going way back into my digital career, my first social media gig was given to me from my buddy Nima Jacob Nojoumi of Nima.Co.  I wrote for a site called HealthyFoodSecrets.com.  With my background in Pre-Med and my love for health knowledge, it was a good gig for me to take on.

A few years later, I reflect on how I continue to digest information online.  I ask myself what’s healthy content and unhealthy content for me.  Healthy content is that which benefits me as a digital user. Health content helps me move forward with my motives through technology.  Unhealthy content is what makes digital users feel bloated, obese, and at a loss with their time and energies online.

It’s the links for clicks and content celebrities that drive me crazy.  So what’s my health secret with digital content?  I’m become much wiser in what I read, who I trust, who I give my time, credibility and content authority to.

It’s time we start consuming information on the web in a healthy way.  In order to do that, we need to hold ourselves accountable and not fall naive to online publishers.

How do you digest content in a healthy way?

[Op-Ed] Social Media & Daring to take the Conversation where no Influencer wants to!

After being in the social media industry for several years from the point of a digital user and an employee, there’s a lot to be said. Social Media has become huge over the last 2 years alone. People finally have the chance to have their voices heard. But I feel there is a big void in the social media world.  After social media became popular, and so many have marketed it well, I feel that 2 things are at stake: Being genuine and authentic.

To me social media has always been about gate-openers and ordinary people being able to collaborate and do extraordinary things. That’s what I fell in love with around social media. But post 2011, there is a hierarchy in social media. The ordinary people’s voices seem to be getting drowned out by the influencers.  Who are these influencers and how are they challenging the authenticity of social media? Continue reading