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Google+ Android App & the Google+ Desktop – The Power to Delete


Google+ remains my favorite social network for its conversational styles.  When using the app, I noticed one major thing on the Android Google+ App that is slightly more obvious than the Google+ web UI app :

-The ability to delete comments.

-Notice on the Android app you can delete comments while on the desktop app, the X button is a bit more subtle.

In fairness of the web developers, the web UI has a different feel than the mobile UI.  The mobile UI is a bit more gridded with tables whereas the desktop UI assumes more screen space.  Nonetheless, deleting is much more obvious on the mobile app.  Anytime you get a pesky spammer with a random comment that has nothing to do you with your post, you might have an easier time deleting on your mobile app with 2 clicks!


Digital-Whining-Sana-Ahmed-Google+ App-Delete-comments









Check out the desktop web UI for Google+. The delete option is a bit more subtle.