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iPhone needs growing up

Think again-where the iPhone needs growing up to do!

I traded in my samsung galaxy s3 for the iPhone 5. I did the trade not because I’m a die hard Apple fan. But rather, I wanted stability and reliability for my technology.

While the iOS boasts ease and stability over the Android which offers more variety and options, the iOS needs a lot of growing up to do in the following areas:

1. Calendar app-why can’t I invite other members to a meeting? Should this iPhone 5 not be a business tool?
[Any recommended app would be helpful].

2. Notifications area-bluetooth, wifi, and airplane mode shortcuts.
-Why in the world do iOS users have to dig into the Settings menu to get these?
-Has android patented the pull-down menu UI features that iOS cannot adapt?

3. Of all digital whines, how about the ability to find files? Where do the files go and get saved in iOS beyond photos?
-As a workaround, dropbox is the tool to save and find all your files.
-For the love of iOS, when will this feature be built?

4. Shortcuts for Apps:
-For the love of macness, why doesn’t iOS allow you to save more than 1 shortcut for the app?
-If you have many apps, and you forget which folder you saved your app in, how will you find your apps?
–The advantage of Android phones is that you have a menu of apps that you can list as a grid or in alphabetical order

5. Keyboard-in this fast moving world, by the time I finish writing a sentence, an Android swyper or swift keyer will have written 2-3 sentences.
-But to Apple’s credit, their voice to text is pretty accurate.

6. For all you google lovers, don’t hold your breath for ease of use apps like Google Talk for conversations, or Gmail for stringed emails.

Apple, what do you have to say for yourself? You are a leader in the markets but will you step a little out of your rigid ways to make iOS devices easier to use? Android bots are chirping around you to try and take your thunder. And it’s kinda working with some of their UI designs!